Crag Mountain

Once upon a time to come

The Contagion Chronicles Part 2

< Once upon a time, which is how the best stories start….
> Grandma??
< Yes Dear?
> Can we have a “Once upon a time to come story” please?
< Out of Randalls books?
> Yes but not with Randall in cos he’s boring
< Once upon a time to come….
> Which one is it?
< Will you let me start?
> Where are you going to start?
< Well we could start with the lost children, or maybe wolves in the snow or would you like to start with the supervisor?
> Oh the supervisor is boring and he’s too grumpy, just like Durn but he’s not nearly as grumpy as Darain
< So where did you want to start?
> Let’s start with the wolves in the snow

Part one – Wolves in the Snow

Once upon a time to come, the courageous WHG appeared through the gate, unfortunately it wasn’t the Crag gate. They found themselves in the Bartozch mines. They initially the were confused > it’s not hard to confuse some them < and the guard didn’t help. It seems nobody knew what was going on. Snorri pressed for more, “Well it’s been happening for a while now, round about the same length of time since the walkers started to arrive.” Darain insisted on seeing the walkers and bullied the guard into letting them into a holding room where the walkers were being kept

> Told you he was grumpy <
< Yes you’re right >

The walkers were unresponsive, almost all dwarves and it seemed the had come from Crag, on foot! Adrick examined them and found all the walkers seemed to have a distended gut and had almost no response to anything, even when Darian shouted at them

> See I told you he was GRUMPY <
< Yes you’re very clever >

The guards didn’t seem to know, other than the WHG’s and MG’s had been routing through the gate for some time. They sent the WHG through to the Captain of the guard. He shed a little more light on what was going on, the general guards at the mine had been kept in the dark, to prevent panic. Crag was in turmoil, the WHG’s and MG’s had been used to ferry food and supplies back to the Crag and something bad was happening there. The Captain knew no more

< They asked a whole bunch of stuff but you probably wouldn’t find it very interesting, which bit did you want next? >

Part Two – The lost children

Deep in a dark, dark cave the children stumbled. They had to find the herbs, Stone Daddy had to have them for Ma Gravel, it was very important. Ruby dropped another of the glow pebbles, they’d find their way back for sure, though it was very dark and just a little bit scary. Ruby wasn’t going to be scared at all, she’d show that Betsy Stonequill who wasn’t a scaredy cat, just cos she had relatives up in Limehouse she thought she was better than everyone else down in the Slags.

What was that noise up ahead? And the shapes, what was moving in the gloom? Ruby dropped the stones and ran…

> Oooo that’s scary. Did Ruby escape? What were the shapes? Can I have a drink? <
< You ask too many questions >
> What was the next bit Grandma? <
< See >

Part Three – The Supervisor



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