Boryn Paintsniffer

"Couldn't fink of a name, so I just called 'im dat" - Boryn's step-father, Ades


Boryn is an old dwarf. At 88 years of age he has lost most of his hair and every so often has to dye his beard yellow. While wisdom may often come with age, this is not true for Boryn. Coupled with his extremely low intellect and inflexibility, Boryn is more meat-headed than the average dwarf.

His mother and father were both proud warriors; they would go off fighting on campaigns for decades at a time, leaving Boryn to be raised by his grandmother, who used to beat up the village’s dwarflings routinely to toughen them up. His dwarflinghood was mainly overshadowed by the lack of tea.

Boryn tries to do good – at least his heart is in the right place, whether or not the outcomes are always happy. He fancies himself as a Rhobyn-el-Huud type of figure – robbing the rich and non-dwarves to give to the poor dwarves – although in reality the pubs and tea merchants he funds are not poor nor always dwarves.
Boryn owns only the clothes on his person and the donkey-bear herd he leads (he tied them all up to each other and himself, creating a web of rope with him and the donkey-bears stuck in it).

Very occasionally, when Boryn flies into a beserker’s rage, he loses all control and starts hitting enemies and allies alike. The only way to get him out of this kind of rage is by brewing him a cup of tea.


At 40 years of age, Señor Boryn el Burro wasn’t your average peasant. A donkey-farmer, he bred donkeys for meat and their shell-less eggs (nobody cared to tell Boryn that the raw eggs he ate are something rather different) and this seems to give him the raw strength and fortitude of a true savage.
His donkeys, though, were rather odd. In fact they were not, to everyone but Boryn’s mind, donkeys in the true sense in that they were actually more related to bears. Nevertheless, Boryn was determined to be a good farmer to his ‘crop’ of donkeys, even to the extent of locking them in a small barn by his outdoor toilet (which is just a hole overflowing with waste, vomit, snot and spilled jasmine tea).

One day, while tending to his – by now very sickly – bears, Boryn suffered a blow to the head, changing his personality forever (except for his love of tea – that was too deeply ingrained to be rewritten) and decided on a whim to leave his old life forever. He roamed the lands, finding work when he could (no job, too small) but never staying long enough to actually get down to do the work.

Broke, starving but thankfully not thirsty, he eventually reached Port Cormaa and took to ambushing the townsfolk – which he was no good at due to his flatulence and tea slurping. He then joined a Tyeyn criminal gang and became a good thug – the only drawback was that he had to be paid a hefty sum in tea and bear droppings. This is where he met up with Aeryn – parallel universe Aeryn – and they both somehow joined WHG08.

Boryn forgets the details, but he has not managed to secure any jasmine tea this far from home, causing him to fly into a terrible rage, intimidating enemies and companions alike.

Boryn Paintsniffer

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