Brindt Stonequill

Archivist of Crag History


Bridnt is in charge of the ‘Social History and Genealogy’ section at The Great Crag Library.


Authoritative, disciplined, & orderly, Master Stonequill’s main goal in life is to keep accurate archives whilst remaining on schedule. Clearing huge backlogs of paperwork with no mistakes takes intense concentration. Distractions make him angry & if you don’t have an appointment or the appropriate authorisation paperwork, expect a tongue lashing!

WHG8 managed the near impossible by getting Bridnt to do a bit of research ‘on the side’ with some sweet talking, a bit of bluffing & a whole lot of lugging very heavy boxes of paperwork up a very high ladder (they noticed that the archivist has a repetitive strain injury in his back which slows his filing).

Brindt Stonequill

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