Darain Gilbek

A selfish, angry, bitter Warlock with debts to pay to someone or something...


Born in the Slags area of Crag Mountain to poor, desolate parents Kerdih and Gilan Gilbek, Darain was a sickly Dwarf. With this sickness he was thin for a dwarf and had problems walking normally. Whilst other people within the Slags were kindly to the Gilbeks and people tended to share and look out for each other, the Dwarves who lived in the nicer areas of Crag when the Gilbeks sometimes looked for work or had to beg for food used to laugh and make comments especially at Darain, calling him names such as ‘Runt’ and ‘Cripple’. It got to the stage where Darains parents started to resent their son.

With food and work becoming evermore scarce, Kerdih and Gilan really started to blame their son for their woes, even blaming and blaspheming Moradin for having given birth to Darain. Darain withdrew into himself shut himself off from the world as the verbal and eventual beatings got worse. Darain used to hide in various tunnels where occasionally he would find old, long forgotten belongings which he would trade for lessons in reading so he could read the books he would sometimes come across in the deserted tunnels.

Once his parents got wind of what Darain was doing, they insisted he took them to where he was finding the items as they were furious that they were in their own minds, missing out on money. The last sighting people from the Slags had of the Gilbeks was Darain being dragged out of sight down one of the tunnels by his parents and that was the last anything was seen of the Gilbeks for many years.

Decades later a figure emerged from the tunnel dressed from head to toe in the finest robes. Carrying a staff and a glowing rod and with a face like thunder, the figure walked through the Slags, ignoring the astonished faces of the people as he walked through area before leaving the Slags without a second glance murmering that he would never return to this place.


Darain Gilbek

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