Extreme Healer. No i wont do damage, but i also dont heal the enemy. (and yes i have met one who does)


No weapons but his faith. AC 26 – A nice sturdy set of Imposters Chainmail rounded off with a frostwolf pelt and catstep boots. My faith weapon is a Symbol of life and matched with Lunia’s Bracelet, A temple weapon against lycan and shifters.

STR 11 Init 06
CON 13 Speed 05
DEX 12 HP 85
INT 09 Fort 19
WIS 23 Ref 20
CHA 17 Will 26

Toughness – +5 Hp per tier.
Lightning Reflexes – +3 Ref
Extended Healing – +5 to Burst on healing
Improves Defences – +2 Fort & Will
Defencive healing Word – +3 to defences when healing word used
Pacafist Healer – 3d6 + Cha healing on surge.
Healers Impliment – Add holy symbol to healing powers +3

Currently Healing word is 3d6 + Cha (8) + Imp (3) + Surge + Imp power (2d6)
Total = 5d6 + 11 + Surge.



A healer in heart and deed. No job too big, no job too small (with the exception of piles). Loves life and wine (bad for a dwarf I know). Grew up in the Slag district but has found his place in the temples of Moradin. Feels the pull of kin and friendship well. Will not suffer needless pain on anyone, but willing to sign up to the death of all that is evil. Lives life to the full under the guise of a pious dwarf but will not seek adventure unless there is need. An active member of the WHG team but is also at times trying when the team need to go off the rails a bit. Not a natural leader but will step up if the need arises.

“For Moradin and Crag”.


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