Goryn son of Gloatyn

"Couldn't fink of a name, so I just called 'im dat" - Goryn's step-father, Ades


A brave, burly, fierce warrior, Goryn reckons he is the biggest, strongest, bravest, best at boasting, and has the hardest skull. He makes up for his almost complete lack of skills, brains and mobility with his brawn and utter foolhardyness. Oh, and his ability to boast the good boast.

Goryn has that ability which is absolutely vital for any hero (or wanna-be hero). Being able to out-boast everyone else in a pub is the difference between being a hero and just another dwarf (or in Goryn’s case anyway!). Many a night Goryn would spend in a pub, recounting his tales of great battles that he had played a crucial role in. The Great Dragon Slaying, the Troll Slaughter, the Fey Hunt… the list goes on and on – more big battles than Goryn had scars.

On one occassion, when Goryn was proudly, loudly, boasting about how he single-handedly killed a huge giant with only a toothpick and some salt, a not so intoxicated, smarter-looking human appeared out of the shadowy corner of the bar and wondered loudly how long ago all these battles were. He realised (with mock suprise) that they had happened over two centuraries ago.

“Well, it’s not my fault! Blame da guy who told me the story in the first place!” Goryn burst out. A shocked silence followed. A long moment later, Goryn realised just what he had said. To cover it up, he stood up violently and pointed an unsteady finger towards where he was sure the offending voice had originated from. “You read books or summut, do ya?” he breathed. “Cos I hate books.” Offended, a few drunks rose to their feet and started towards Goryn. The sound of the door opening and closing quickly was drowned in the roaring fury of a pub brawl…

While he might not have the brains, or indeed the skills, Goryn has the muscle and sometimes a leg or two to stand on, and will fight to the last for his friends (which is not that long anyway!).

Goryn has a very basic view of life. Hate books. Hate clever-people. Hate hippies. Goryn has many dibilitating psychological problems, such as bookophobia (the only case in the known world) and is, according to multiple close friends, a barbaric, suicidal psychopath (but aren’t all heroes?).


Seargent Goryn looked out across the site of the village, all the humans slayed or burnt alive, all around him the victorious cries of the looting barbarians, the moans of dead and dieing and the stench of blood, burnt flesh and wood.

At that moment Goryn saw a human slinking around the edge of the woods, and decided to charge him. The young human, upon seeing the barbarian running towards him, drew his bow and aimed an arrow at the dwarve’s head. As Goryn ran faster and faster, intent on killing the last human, the human fired, and the dwarf found himself on the ground, blood spilling out of the centre of his forehead.

While the human was chased away, Goryn tried to get up. He felt as though his head had been slashed open with a giant axe, and imagined the brain slipping out of the giant hole. “Now now, my lad, let’s not think like that, eh?” he said to himself, shaking his head, but it only hurt worse.

After having fainted a second time, Goryn found himself being sniffed by some vultures. “Oi, clear off! I’m not dead yet!” he exclaimed, slapping them away. The vultures took off, but if Goryn had thought to look, they were hovering just above him.

After thinking long and hard, Goryn decided to walk back to the newly-conquered village. As he neared the warriors’ hut, he tripped up over something, and ploughed into the ground, right on his forehead. Cursing the obstruction, Goryn aimed kicks at it, and found, to his delight, that it was soft and his hits were getting in. After thoroughly beating up the sentry’s body, he stumbled into the hut, and found an empty bed. He fell right into it, and in the late morning woke up to the sound of… nothing.

Confused, Goryn turned over to study the dwarf on his right. That dwarf was clearly asleep. He then turned around to look at the dwarf on his left. He, too, was fast asleep. Bemused, Goryn tried to fall asleep again, but something felt amiss. And then, after a long time thinking, he got it. There was no snoring! He turned around to study the dwarf on his right. After a long time looking, he found that the dwarf’s throat was cut.

Some time later, in the late evening, Goryn felt alarmed. He had studied all the dwarves’ throats and, finding them all dead, had promptly fell onto his bed and tried to think. He decided to wait until the morning and then bury them all.

A month later, Tribeless Barbarian Goryn travelled all around the country, looking for a job. At last, he landed in Crag, and spent his last bag of gold on a poster advertising his services as a: Bodyguard, warrior, thug or smasher-of-books (preferred).

Occasionally, Goryn was employed by gangsters but, after a few weeks in Crag, he was approached by a shady-looking dwarf who bought Goryn lots of drinks. After a long night, Goryn woke up to find he had a large headache, and was now part of a wraith hunter group – not any old wraith hunter, but part of the unlucky WHG13!

Since then, Goryn’s headache has stayed with him, preventing him from doing anything requiring skills. However, he finds this useful in combat – he has got used to pain, and he gets into a rage very easily.

By the creator of Goryn (whose title does not reside with Adrian)

Goryn son of Gloatyn

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