Jarrim Vonar

Charismatic Bard of Crag Mountain


A dwarf who you could spend an evening with for his stories, anecdotes and songs about battles of the ages. Hugely charismatic, Jarrim is known for his abilities to sooth over tensions, convince people of the tallest tales, threaten the cockiest of bandits into leaving him and his friends alone and be able to find out the word on the street with his contacts. A dwarf who would do anything for his friends and is proud to have recorded their deeds for future generations to hear about.

Jarrim is never far from the source of anything of note. Always there. recording the events for posterity and poetry. As well as his silver tongue, this Bard prefers to fight at the front protecting his friends and leading by example, due to the bad feeling dwarven Bards have at human Bards who tend to prefer being away from battle and firing arrows at best, and worrying about getting muddy or breaking a nail.

Jarrim Vonar

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