Kleptomaniac slash Merchant slash Loan Shark


Description? Whatever race you are, but with superficial features. Looks sell!

Name: K’uu (Alias)
Natural form (Changeling):

Age: She won’t say, but it’s not hard to guess that she hasn’t been around too long.
Occupation: Loan shark, merchant, black market merchant, and all around thief.
Weapon of choice: Anything will do! As long as she’s taken the time to learn it.
Personality: Covetous, but largely cheerful, childish, and only too enthusiastic.
Likes: Money. Shiny objects. Magic potatoes.


  • Good aim
  • Stealthy
  • Agile and dexterous
  • Adaptable and able to pick up new talents quickly
  • Surprisingly good at scraping together money


  • Nitwit
  • No sense of direction
  • Clueless and requiring leadership/guidance to function within a team
  • Naive about the world (but still mistrusting of people)
  • Compulsive need to steal from everyone, especially the dead

Known Businesses:

  • Gold2Pockets
  • Money4u
  • GPConverters
  • All You Can Buy
  • ITEM “R” US
  • My Trash = Your Treasure!
  • Stuff4Cheap
    …you begin to wonder if the list ever ends, as the description scrolls on and on with more and more tacky business names. Who falls for such things in this day and age anyway?! Though some dreadful feeling in your gut tells you it’s been more wildly popular than you think.

Young and misguided, K’uu (not even her real name) brings forth a complete understatement of the latter. Possessing little to no sense of direction or sense at all, she wanders far and wide pursuing the only thing that seems to bring her happiness—money.

Having been raised in a wealthy, but less than respectable merchant household, the only language K’uu seems to understand was that which glitters gold and gold itself. It spoke the loudest to all that gathered around her; and it opened the world and all its doors, forever capturing the young changeling’s heart as “the key to everything.”

A deal gone wrong and a cut of the profit too little, K’uu soon caught on to the fact that her upbringing had been solely for the use of her shape shifting heritage. Performing shady deals and being the merchant’s all-in-one underhanded staff.

Taking off and casting her “family name” to the winds, she adopted something in which the thought process involved could only be summed up as, “Would look good on a sign!”

Her dysfunctional past leaves her with a childish view of the universe as well as being greatly confused when confronted with morals and ethics. Though physically nimble and variably skilled, K’uu is an all around awkward (but very cheerful) idiot to anyone who doesn’t happen to be a bit of a sucker themselves.

Several get-rich-quick schemes later, her adventure in Crag begins when she is swept up by a (insert collective noun) of Manticores and falling in the arms of a dwarf. Hoping to tag along with the Wraith Hunter team for an easy ride out, she soon finds that things are never that easy with this unlucky lot! …and that it’s often too dangerous to leave without them either.


Crag Mountain Hooje