Rikard The Clanless

Mûl (half dwarf) Paladin of The Stone Father


Orphaned at a young age, Rikard was forced to live hand to mouth in human settlements where he experienced terrible mistreatment due to his dual heritage. A passing cleric of The Stonefather saw the 10 year old Rikard working singlehandedly in a small stone quarry & took pity on the poor lad. Impressed by his exceptional toughness & strength, the cleric brought him to Crag Mountain & placed him in one of the orphanages situated in The Slags. Rikard learned the teachings of The One & developed an almost fanatical obsession with protecting Crag Mountain.

Already a devout & powerful Paladin at the start of the new war with the wraiths, Rikard focused his ire upon the undead. Due to the threat to Crag dwarves (who he always refers to as his brothers & sisters) from the wraiths, he has a particular hatred for these evil creatures.

Rikard holds all dwarves in high esteem & will always move quickly to assist them in any way he can. He will readily obey orders & requests from any dwarf as long as it does not harm another dwarf or go against the teachings of The Stonefather.


Rikard The Clanless

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