Sarr Tamm

Leader of the undead town of Listach


Tamm is the ‘Sarr’ (meaning ‘Counsel’) of Listach, a refuge for lost spirits located on the Shadowfell.

He is a tall, emaciated figure, permanently cowled in a black robe which depicts numerous glowing eyes. Only his bony arms & hands are ever visible. When he speaks, Tamm’s voice moves around the room, sometimes sounding as though it comes from inside items such as bags & chests or other rooms. He enjoys showing this trick off at any opportunity. His origins in life (assuming he was ever a living creature) are unknown.

Tamm helps to control the array of spirits in Lifeless using knowledge & power built through co-operation with other like minded spirits. He cares little for the struggles of good & evil, aspiring to create order from a balance. Those who threaten the balance find themselves expelled from the settlement & exiled to eternal maddening wanderings in the afterlife.

He has an extensive collection of ancient writings & after the theft of the deactivation ritual scroll for the artifact Stischna, Tamm his library in a closely guarded & warded location somewhere in Listach.

Sarr Tamm

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