The 'Shadar-Garun'; a character from Port Cormaa Folk Lore


The name Shadowbone has links to Port Cormaa folk lore. He is mentioned in stories told to children as a warning against bad behaviour! The tales tell of ‘Old Shadowbone’, an evil bogeyman who would snatch naughty children from their beds at night & turn them into grotesque, mindless slaves that he would call ‘meat puppets’.

Unfortunately, the old tales have been found to be true and, after the party encountered the beast in it’s shadow-form in Port Cormaa and it’s apparent ‘true-form’ in the Shadowfell, the tales fell well short of appreciating Shadowbone’s true power. The beast was creating a huge undead army in the Shadowfell, using the body parts of snatched humanoids to make thousands of his meatpuppets. Aided by the perverted Vecna cult: Ă›rdarth, Shadowbone was close to marching upon the lands of the Prime Material Plane once more. Luckily, a group of hardy adventurers from Crag managed to intervene…

Shadar Garun’s origin is unknown at this present time.


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