Snorri Nosebiter

Dwarven Avenger dedicated to the knowledge aspect of the Stone Father


Snorri is a Dwarf with a purpose. Having spent his early life in a monastic order he is now out in the world to carry forward his order’s aims. To root out those parts of the world which have no place in the Stone Father’s plans for the World Machine, and excise them with great fury!

Snorri’s order, The Keepers of The Eternal Truth (more commonly just known as ‘The Keepers’) are dedicated to cataloguing and recording any and all information on the running of the world machine. Only through gathering and studying such knowledge all together in one place, can subtle links and patterns in the grand machinery be divined. As such The Keepers are tied closely to Crag’s great library which stores their many encyclopaedic tomes and offers their knowledge to any who would seek it (at least that deemed safe for public consumption).

The guiding council of The Keepers are said to have a near perfect recall of every book in the library and any new tome for the records will pass through their eyes first. Through diligent study of their wide base of information they can perceive which bits of The World Machine are running as intended and which may need a little adjustment. Where this adjustment requires some force is where The Keepers’ martial wing and Snorri come in to the picture.

His training was based around the tenant of knowing thy foe in detail, that thee might smite him justly. His training drills involved as much library time as combat practice and as such he has a wide knowledge of the heathen religions of the world and despite a lack of physical strength, has trained well in many martial techniques. These channel his dedication to the Stone Father’s great plan to great effect allowing him to wield an axe as tall as himself with a worrying ease. His lack of more traditional training means he would be more encumbered than helped by armour.

Recently during a spiritual sabbatical back at the Home Crag his connection with the teachings and knowledge of the Stone father has started to manifest physically in a pair of papery wings, which to closer inspection almost appear to be made from pages of books rather than feathers.

Taking this a sign of his blessing and chosen status he has been inducted into the higher levels of his order. As with all The Keepers’ martial masters, he has styled his naturally fiery red hair into an improbably large mohawk, symbolising his position as vital cog in the smooth running of The World Machine.

Snorri Nosebiter

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