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The young Dwarf from Port Cormaa may not look the part but he has bravery that any WHG warrior would be proud of. Spud endured horrible torture at the hands of the criminal syndicate: Trident (see the Infiltration episode). The injuries to his hands & arms were so bad that amputation was unavoidable. However, thanks to assistance from T’ Supervisor back at Crag, Spud has been fitted with a rather splendid pair of ‘mech arms’.

It is thought that Spud will return to Port Cormaa but will act as an intermediary between the Port city & Crag Mountain.


‘Spud’ was raised in Port Cormaa’s Temple of Moradin by Dirradon Stomp. Spud was unfortunately orphaned as an infant & little is known of his true parents.

He gained his nickname at an early age due to his love of potato juice!


Crag Mountain Dungeongrub