T' Supervisor

Wraithunter Groups' 'Primary Supervisor' at Crag Mountain


T’ Supervisor is just that… The Primary Supervisor of the Wraithunter teams who personally authorises and oversees all external operations. He issues exploratory & investigatory warrants, processes new information and intelligence from archivists, field operatives and of course the Wraithunter teams.

It is rumoured that he has an ancient pair of mechanical legs which now sometimes seize up, explaining (perhaps) why he rarely moves from his seat and high desk.


T’ Supervisor is a very old and well respected dwarf. His true name is unknown and considers this as an issue of little significance, seeing all dwarves as cogs in the greater World Machine.

It is whispered that he has the ear of The Council itself and is a strict disciplinarian, so just DON’T BE LATE FOR AN APPOINTMENT! (..or early either).

T' Supervisor

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