A large and malicious red dragon


Like many of the dragons, Thraxxylbryr has his lair deep in The Blasted Lands. His home is known as The Azer Demense: an active volcano situated in the middle of a large lake. There, with his Azer guards and kobold minions, the dragon sits on his treasure and plots.

The WHG first met Thraxxylbryr during The Orb episode, when the Azer stole the Merfolk Orb, which the sea dwellers had used to control their fish shoals. The WHG reclaimed the Orb by swapping it for another magical item and returned it to the Merfolk. The dragon did not know the Orb’s true power at this point as the Azer had kept the information from their master. However, when he realised that he had been hoodwinked, the evil dragon laid seige to Port Cormaa in an attempt to reclaim the Orb (having found that the merfolk no longer had it), but was driven off by an unknown (and very powerful) mercury dragon (see The Shadows Lengthen episode).



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