Orb of Sacrifice Awakened



Found in the lair of a Shadowfell beast, this extra-planar artifact can shuttle life energy from the strong to the weak, for a small sacrifice.

A perfect sphere of stone, it feels slightly warm to the touch when empty and pulses with the warmth of life when charged with energy.


Repeated use of the item seems to have awoken a dormant power. A thin red band has spread appeared the circumference of the sphere and it now imparts extra resilience to the recipient of the life force.

Standard Action: Sacrifice two healing surges to ‘charge’ the orb when empty.

Standard Action: Draw a single healing surge from the charged orb, leaving it empty. Until his next extended rest, every time the user spends a surge he gains resist 5 to all damage until end of his next turn.

The orb can only hold a single charge at a time. An unspent charge will fade into nothingness after half an hour in the orb.


Orb of Sacrifice Awakened

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