Kobold2Along with goblins, orcs & the hated giants, Kobolds are one of the traditional enemies of dwarvenkind. While it seems that the vast majority of these creatures continue along the evil path in labyrinthine tunnels within The Blasted Lands, a pocket of apparently rehabilitated kobolds has been discovered at The Hermitage.

Having escaped servitude to abusive & evil dragons that infest the charred & broken lands to the north of Port Cormaa, the Hermitage kobolds were taken in by the leaders of this coastal refuge.

It is rumoured that some of the kobolds have found faith in the good dragon god: Bahamut, & spend their days in contemplation, meditation & prayer. Reports have filtered through to Port Cormaa that The Hermitage has developed a brutal training system, teaching armed & unarmed skills.

Since these reports The New Alliance has received contact from kobolds, apparently on a religious crusade & offering assistance. The powers that be are yet to decide if the dragonkin are to be trusted.


Having received an extensive presentation from Snorri Nosebiter: AKA ‘The Zealot Racist’ (currently on extended sabbatical from WHG duties to refresh the piety levels and cleanse the lingering taint of heathen lands) on the subject;

‘Kobolds (AKA scaly little thieving blasphemous rat-bastards) and why you shouldn’t trust them farther than you can spit on ‘em’

The council has put the following restrictions in place on theoretical future Kobold labour:

- Muzzles to be worn at all times.
- Full body search at least daily.
- No unaccompanied bathroom breaks.
- Unique ident number brand to be prominently displayed on the forehead.

Even with these measures in place, they highly recommend never letting the shifty little buggers out of your sight and regular inventory checks whenever a lizard-kin may have had access.


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