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Notes on Character Creation

Please choose deities and pacts with an eye on the game – no munchkinisms like choosing a sun god for an underground society! Dwarf gods are great; Moradin, Stone Father or the World Machine is ideal. When picking pacts for warlocks, think carefully as to why your character has that particular pact – an infernal pact will almost certainly be an aberration unless there is a good justification for your character having it.

Players should generate a character and can generate a second just in case the group is too biased, but it’s best to make sure that your second character is of a different role. It seems that whilst 4e is supposed to work best with a mix of roles, you can get away with a reasonable mix providing there is a least one solid defender and a really good, healing-based leader.

PC Races at current level

Common and local (to this world) races, in roughly descending order of commonality: Human and human-derivatives; scattered and heterogenous orc/goblin tribes (who are much tighter allied than standard D&D); dwarves; halflings; goliath. Half-breeds are occasionally seen, the most common being half-orcs. The fey (elves, eladrin, gnomes, etc) tend to stay attached to the Feywild & are rarely seen.

Dwarves deal with other races, especially humans, to gain the components, pieces and food they need to continue their research into the great machine and the Stone Father.

Most races from PHB 1 & 2 are fine, however it should not be forgotten that the Wraith Hunter Groups should contain mostly dwarves in order to retain the general feel of the campaign. It may feel that this is too restrictive, however, the story arc will start to lose it’s shape if too many PC’s are non-dwarves, potentially turning the campaign into a generic ‘you all meet at an inn’ D&D campaign. This may take a bit of negotiation between the group!

The primary choice of races for player characters are as below (in no particular order):

  • Dwarf (obviously!)
  • Half Dwarf
  • Goliath
  • Warforged
  • Human
  • Halfling
  • Half Orc

Unusual PC Races

If you are considering an unusual PC race, please make sure you sit & think about how or why a council of quite ‘close minded’ dwarven nobles would place someone of a stranger race in one of their crack dwarven squads. An interesting background story is really good, but it really has to also fit in with the Crag campaign arc. For instance, races native to Shadowfell such as Shadar-kai could be a possiblity in a scenario based on that plane. Similarly (as has been touched on recently with much mickey taking!), a kobold may be a possibility as some form of guide or assistant during a scenario in The Blasted Lands.

Consulting with the DM before introducing a new PC would be a good idea. Turning up for a scenario that ends up with a foray into Crag Mountain itself with a team consisting of mostly non-dwarves would not fit in with the story.


Some races common in normal 4e are unfortunately a no-no for reasons of keeping in line with the campaign story arc (Dragonborn, Tiefling, Elf, Eladrin). Some (especially some races from Dungeon & the 4e supplements) are a ‘no’ because they are simply too ‘way out there’ & a bit Powergamey!


As standard, starting character or new characters begin with a magic item of one level above their current, one at their current level and one at the level below their current. Alternatively, an item at up to two levels above current level can be equipped, providing the overall cost of the magic items remains the same.

Characters also start off with standard amount of GP for their level, with which they can buy equipment, potions, alchemical items & rituals. They can save the rest of this, of course, hoping to buy replacement items.

Potions and alchemical items can be bought up to current level, but potions of healing (see the PHB) can also be purchased up to 3 levels above the PCs current level. This is not standard, but it represents the maintenance groups nicely.

When the Maintenance Group is promoted, or when the PCs jump a few levels, their equipment will be upgraded to their current level by the Maintenance Group infrastructure providing they turn in an item in exchange. This may change after Paragon level is achieved as the availablity of wepons & armour of +3 upward is more scarce.

Current rules on Magic Items can be found here.

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