Ritual - Wraith Prison

Using ancient words of command, a huge clear orb imprisons the evil spirit before you.

Given to Alliance Council by the duergar who apparently found it in their records of the War against the Wraiths.

Level: 8 Component Cost: 120gp
Category: Warding
Market Price: 720gp
Time: 10 minutes + Standard
Duration: Special
Key Skill: Arcana or Religion

When casting this ritual you combine some thin, gold or precious metal rods with a small crystal or glass ball to create a charm containing a single, usable power. The power, a spell or prayer ‘Imprison Wraith’, can be invoked by holding the charm in one hand and using a standard action to utter the words of command associated with the prison. Once the word of power is uttered, the charm is consumed.

Only a pre-prepared charm or the ritual itself can be purchased. A ritual scroll cannot be bought as it is unavailable outside those within the Great Alliance and such a scroll is a useless waste, merely and intermediary step (the charm is the equivalent of the scroll).

The power, Imprison Wraith, is an attack by the wielder of the charm using Int, Wis or Cha against the Will of the wraith. It may be enhanced by the use of magic items and implements, as per normal. On success, a transparent prison appears around the wraith, preventing it from moving outside the prison. The prison has AC 15, Ref 10 and 50 hit points, but blocks all travel through it of non-physical attacks with a resistance equal to the Arcana/Religion check made when creating the prison.

The Arcana or Religion check made when infusing the power into the charm determines the level of the wraith that can be imprisoned and the length of time for which it is imprisoned. By taking an hour over the ritual casting, a natural ‘10’ can be taken over the creation check.

Arcana / Religion
Check Result
Level of Wraith
Time prison lasts
14 or below 5 or lower 1 month
15-19 10 or lower 1 year
20-24 15 or lower 10 years
25-29 20 or lower 100 years
30-34 25 or lower 1000 years
35-39 30 or lower 10,000 years
40+ Any Eternity

Ritual - Wraith Prison

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