The Blasted Lands

A huge, largely desolate & dangerous inland area stretching across the continent to the north of Port Cormaa, little is really known about the mysterious Blasted Lands other than the numerous dragon-haunts which make exploration here very trecherous indeed! Why so many dragons & their kin populate this area is unknown. Are they gathering for some purpose; a great battle against each other or even worse… a coalition? Have they found some great source of wealth or power?

101127dry winds

As yet, none of the ‘civilised’ races have been able to effectively navigate their way through The Blasted Lands. Small pockets of civilisation survive (barely) on the fringes, perhaps because these small outposts are seen as too insignificant to bother with by the dragons & their allies.

The last known foray into this area by WHG’s was to the Azer Demense to the north west of Port Cormaa to retrieve a magical orb stolen from the Merfolk by the Azer.

The Blasted Lands

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