Dwarven brewmaster pariah.


Brutal scoundrel,

Stats at level 11
19 str
14 con
21 dex
11 int
11 wis
9 cha

AC 26
Fort 21
Reflex 26
Will 17
Feats:Lethal hammer, Bludgeon expertise, Dwarven weapon training, Backstabber, Improved Defenses, Superior reflexes, Hammer Shock.

Blade bravo.
Criminal background


A once famous brewer of Dwarven ale, now reviled as a pariah after acting upon a strange vision which prompted him to instill a keg of ’Bannayut’s best’ with bat’s urine, this subsequently resulted in what the dwellers of the Crag now know as the ‘Night of the brown bedroll’
Despite making such classics as ‘Runic Cudgel’ and ‘Salt Stone Pride’ (one sip of which was purported to make the imbiber strong as a Goliath)a Dwarf brewmaster is only as good as his last keg and subsequently his entire operation was burnt down by an angry mob (once they’d finally vacated their respective latrines)

Cast out and shamed he seeks to redeem himself in the eyes of his kin by finding the ultimate ingredients to make a legendary ale. His years of exile as a back alley skulk while dwelling in the underbelly of the Slag have honed his senses and shown him the finer points of slitting throats and while he much prefers a silent kill- when faced with an enemy he believes in the threefold rule; Attack and face 15.9 pounds of Dwarven hammer riposte, flee and face 15.9 pounds of opportunistic hammer assault, do nothing and wait a few moments for more of the same.

His motivations are impure, his manners are impolite and his aroma is unpleasant, an unpredictable fighter, preferring to merely pretend he has a style when in fact anything goes (a recent sighting suggests that he robbed a merchant caravan dressed as a priest whilst wielding a warhammer)

Dislikes small talk, hates anything smaller than him and is generally disparaging of any establishment that serves alcohol, a team player in the broadest sense of the term as he will gladly allow his team to take the flak while he sneaks in attacks with impunity.

Life expectancy; low


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