Durn Wraithbane Dourstone

Warden: Wraith Hunter Group


Durn was part of one of the original MG teams who discovered the long forgotten wraith prison and portal room underneath Crag. Having worked his way up through the ranks, he is immensely proud of his status as a defender of one of the high end Wraith Hunter Groups.

After obtaining a legendary Wraithbane weapon from a secret chamber in the sewers beneath the town of Lonehold, Durn was given the same name, ‘Wraithbane’, as per the Dourstone family tradition.


DurnocShort on patience as well as height, Durn is the latest in a long line of Dourstone wardens. The family still lives in Crag Mountain with Durn’s Grandfather, the indomitable Durnoc ‘Giantbane’ Dourstone still at the head. This ancient dwarf is still prone to explosive violence, despite his old age; he even managed to get banned from The Copper Scuttle alehouse in Crag Mountain recently for smashing his walking stick over the head of a drunken patron who dared to curse at him. Durnoc is named Giantsbane due to his part in a battle many years ago with a tribe of particularly nasty frost giants. The tale (still told by the Dourstones) is that Dornoc felled the frost giant chieftain with a mighty head-butt.

Durn’s father, Dûn, was a much more gentle soul and concentrated more on helping those less fortunate in Crag, working as a volunteer in the poor houses and orphanages in The Slags. He was still no easy touch in combat though and picked up the name ‘Goblinbane’ for his part in the ongoing battles with the pesky greenskins. His greatest achievement was to take out a particularly evil goblin leader and then relocated and released the rest of the goblin tribe to a land safely away from Crag.

Tragically, Dûn was executed, beheaded by the evil forces of The Unwelcome after the brave dwarf had returned to active duty in answer to the ancient concordant. Durn witnessed the murder and after being dragged away by his WHG colleagues (thus saving Durn from certain death himself) was obviously deeply mentally scarred. Durn now decapitates every creature of evil that he slays and dedicates the kill to his father’s spirit.

It seems that Durn has picked up qualities from his father and grandfather. He is quick to anger and is not adverse to strong-arm tactics to obtain information, however, like his father, he is kind and gentle with those who, through no fault of their own, have found themselves in times of hardship.

Durn Wraithbane Dourstone

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