A Chongun is a warrior that exemplifies virtue and efficacy, one should not be bolstered at the cost of the other. It is possible to serve the greater good by committing the smallest of evils.
Such is the case with winning a war, through the ages countless battles have been fought, but few were ever won. A victory cannot be classed as such when all that remains of your troops are tatters and splints, towns are razed and whole lands have been pillaged.

There was a place people barely remember, where students would study warfare for decades before ever tasting their own blood, or spilling that of another, indeed it has been known for some masters of war to have never even stood upon a battlefield.
Some, have stood on too many.

For someone like Eldritch, home no longer exists, it wasn’t destroyed in war, or diminished in famine, nor was it struck by a cataclysm. It simply no longer stood for the values he had learned, war had become routine as brother fought brother and bloodletting had turned into an economy, not a catastrophe that should have been avoided at all costs.

An idealistic nomad, he strived to live without the profits that came with violence and instead turn his hand to simpler things. Cutting wood, mending things for simple folk or simply telling tales of times and places that made folk’s eyes grow wide with astonishment, and eventually narrow with disbelief.
Time to move on, to the mountains this time.

Dwarfs were a strange bunch, introverted in their bastion-like mountains, almost untouchable by the world outside and yet they were seasoned and experienced fighters. He wondered if they knew of formations, or exploiting an enemies weakness, could a dwarf over-reach?
There was little work on offer in the Crag, the dwarfs were accomplished craftsmen and anything he could do was pale by comparison.

It was around that time he was approached, and offered a chance to pursue an ideal he had almost forgotten about completely.
The notion that violence can bring about a greater good.

Wielding a monstrous glaive called ‘Loveless’ he can direct and control the flow of combat, ruthlessly controlling his foes with knockdowns, stuns and calculated charges, whilst enabling his comrades to make multiple attacks and position themselves more effectively.
When the need arises he can heal, defend or retreat his allies, refreshing their powers or granting them new ones, knowing the prudence of good tactical positioning he can call for ranged and melee strikes and help advise on the best form of attack for maximum efficiency.


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