Floryn Painsinger

Halfling Bard


Bardic Halfling


Floryn was born to rich halfling parents in a small coastal village a short distance from the Falkreaches. They wanted a girl so cruelly that they named their son Floryn and dressed him in sissy clothes. Being constantly beaten up by the other halflings he grew tough, bitter and resentful, leading to many mental disorders, including schizophrenia. Having developed psychopathic disorders, he equipped himself with many weapons, and ‘dealt with’ all the bullies who used to mock him. As a loner he would often sing of his sorrows.

One night he was singing alone whilst cuddling his bloodied axe when a human travelling Bard, Colling Philps, knocked on his window and complimented him on his singing. Floryn became friends with the Bard and when it was time for Colling to leave Floryn joined him in a disturbing duet. After that Colling agreed to take Floryn with him and the rest of his mates.

Trained in the Bardic ways, but nimble of body Floryn became a master of many skills with a powerful yet haunting voice. Despite his dubious singing skills, he was kicked out of the troupe for his attempted murder of one of his ‘rival’ bard wannabes during a psychotic phase.

Miserable, he boarded a random ship, which turned out to be travelling to the other side of the Divide. During the trip, his psychotic side took over, and made him kill the captain and half the crew, leaving Floryn with the ship. He forced the other passengers below deck, and watched over the crew with his manic gaze.

However, en-route to New Tethana, his ship was destroyed by Admiral Deshoke’s forces. The crew was slaughtered by the Admiral’s forces, whilst Floryn hid behind the women and children.

Floryn decided to jump overboard, leaving the women and children to be slaughtered mercilessly. He was rescued by fishermen from Rithwic.

Sergeant Withers was appealing for volunteers to defend Rithwic from the Prophets forces when Floryn arrived at the port. Wanting to avenge his sunken ship, Floryn swore that if he survived the battles at Rithwick he would fight for justice alongside other good creatures.

The battles were bloody and cruel with many casualties but ultimately Rithwick was saved, although ‘The Gentleman’ was lost. Sergeant Withers was so impressed by Floryn’s fighting skills that he took him along on his journey to Destraga.

In Destraga Floryn witnessed the WHG rescue of the Queen, helped to despatch the remainder of the Prophets forces and cried along with the others at the death of Withers. Floryn assisted Haggavel in disposing of the captured weaponry and items that had been used by Dalnir’s men at the Queen’s court. For his help Floryn was given the choice of one of the store rooms in Haggavel’s lair. He chose a strange contraption with brass trumpets sticking out of it. This was a prototype jet pack that Blast had exchanged with Haggavel for some magic items. One of Haggavel’s men had tested it out and ended up drowned in the sewer. Haggavel was pleased to get rid of it.

Floryn took to the road with the Queen’s forces and other irregulars as they made there way to the coast. He managed to join up with some members of the Cageless under Glaives as they joined up with Blast’s forces. In a pitched battle with The prophet’s army Floryn was knocked unconscious and rolled under a rock. When he awoke Blast’s ship and the Cageless had all disappeared. Unable to cross the divide he made his way back to Rithwick. At Rithwick he heard the great news that the war was over and that the Concordant forces had defeated The Prophet’s army. Again news of the role of the WHG reached Floryn’s ears.

From that moment on Floryn vowed he would go to Crag and offer his services to The Supervisor. And if The Supervisor refused to recruit him, he would kill him, take over his place, and recruit himself.

Floryn died in the Elemental Chaos, either by starvation, turning to stone, or having frogspawn bursting out of his head in an alien way.

Floryn Painsinger

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