Magnus Bloodbeard

A devout follower of Moradin, Magnus closes allied wounds while opening those of enemies...


Magnus Bloodbeard was born in Crag to a very religious family. From the day he was born it was decided he would follow his three brothers into the priesthood.

Magnus made his way slowly up the monastic ladder. He became an assistant scholar, working in the vast and unrivalled Library of Crag, in the Arcane section. His career was completely ordinary, uncommonly so, until, after Magnus was promoted to librarian (still of the arcane section), the arrival of Ludwig Neumeyer. Ludwig, who was studying the magical forces, was interested in what lay in the depths of the Arcane section.

All his life, Magnus had never questioned, his faith never wavered. To him, faith and brotherhood were things he was willing to die for. Ludwig was the opposite; a scientist, all theories, no matter how established, were open to debate. The importance of scientific understanding was above such petty things as nationhood and ideologies. Ludwig’s differing views fascinated Magnus, although not enough for him to seriously question the Stonefather’s existence, and the two struck up an immediate and fruitful friendship.

Ludwig told Magnus of his project, and what it would mean for civilization. Analysing the arcane from a scientific viewpoint would, he argued, open up a whole new era of innovation, where engineers and inventors could design and mass produce automatons to serve the masses; where automated medical equipment could be designed that sensed illness before it became apparent – the uses, he argued, were infinite and infinitely beneficial. His enthusiasm for his project enveloped Magnus, who covertly shuttled out many valuable, ancient and rare books on the arcane out of the Library and into Ludwig’s vast collection.

A fire enveloped the Library shortly afterwards, seemingly destroying much of the Arcane section but leaving the other sections intact. The chief librarian was found with a blackened face, and fragments of a pipe in his mouth. Not only was he fired, but Magnus was promoted in his place, due to his rapid response to the fire.

Some time later, Magnus applied to join the WHG, just like he heard Ludwig had. To his dismay, he was assigned to an inexperienced patrol group, while he heard Ludwig was not only in the Falkreaches fighting a deadly foe, but had been exiled by the Supervisor.

Magnus Bloodbeard

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