The Tyeyn

A mainly human people, the Tyeyn have a lot of elven blood running in their veins. The Tyeyn clan is based around the southern part of a large area of wilderness. Some tribes of the Tyeyn are based in the south of deathwood, most others in the wilderness around, where they maintain contact with fey and dwarves alike. Highly adaptable, the members of the clan are nothing like the neighbouring dwarven tribes, with whom they frequently clashed with.

A victorious dwarven barbarian

One Tyeyn tribe, the Ooylin-gaia, suffered a major assault by a dwarven tribe – which was, too, wiped out (it is all very mysterious – but they did make a tasty treat for the other dwarven savages!). The few who survived fled, many to Port Cormaa, which now boasts a small (if slightly out-of-hand, savage, fiercesome, murderously aggressive * ) network of the Tyeyn, named by the Prot Cormaa authorities as ‘CG-21’ (Criminal Gang #21). In the five years since the network was established by a handful of Tyeyn, it has grown substantially, with many Tyeyn and non-Tyeyn swelling its ranks.

The network members tend to be very secretive, and now act very much like a secret order. Each CG-21 member wears a certain discreet piece of clothing that signals his heratige. Everything is done orally – Tyeyn are generally very paranoid (and for good reason!) – so no traces are left. Few members are privy to the whole plan. Circles within circles is how everything is done – but is there a mastermind behind it all?

  • Since the year the gang members arrived, crime rates have soared – and murder rates have tripled. While they have not been proven to be responsible for many crimes, or indeed proven to exist, Port Cormaa’s authoraties suspicions have resulted in the alienation of large portions of immigrants and to many arrests.

The Tyeyn

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